Up to 1.9 million pensioners are living in poverty,aside the Military units, according to The Joseph Rowntree Foundation. But many are failing to claim the benefits and Allowances they’re entitled to no one could help them figure it out or they don’t have Next of Kin to their Benefits and Allowance. Don’t miss out on your hard earned retirement Benefits – here’s a list of benefits you could potentially claim and how to find out if you’re eligible.


1) You can always apply in person or your Next of Kin can also apply on your behalf but it must be from the age of 20 years above.

2) All your documents must be intact from a Military Legal Representative/Lawyer.

3) Your Next of Kin or Fiance can also apply for your early retirement if need be.

About the Military Retirement System

The military retirement system is arguably the best retirement deal around. Unlike most retirement plans, the military offers a pension that starts the day you retire, no matter how old you are. That means you could start collecting a regular retirement pension as early as 30 years old. What’s more, that early retirement benefits will grow with a cost of living adjustment each year or a life time.

As a military retiree you already know you are eligible for many benefits as soon as you are granted a permit to retire and leave the camp, the only trouble is that sometimes it can be hard to know just exactly what you are eligible for. Sometimes it is even harder to know how to go about getting the benefits you are entitled to for you service, but with the help of your military legal representative you can always achieve your early retirement benefits successfully.

There are many things you may be eligible for including free medical benefits discounts on hotel rooms, free fishing licenses,free trip to any country of your choice with your loved once, free family car servicings and more. While no list can cover all the benefits you are entitled to, this page will help you to know what you are entitled to, and how to get the benefits you deserve which your Next of Kin can also stand for you.

Military retirement marks a point in transitioning that requires a bit more planning and preparation than other milestones. Luckily, the military is on your side and does its best to prepare military and families for Military Retirement benefits which is the ultimate transition to military life: military retirement. After all, it has likely been at least 20 years since families of a career-driven service member lived in one location for more than three years.

Here at the US Military Portal, we make it easy for the families and loved ones of servicemen to apply for their retirement to enable them get the allowances and benefits that come with it.